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Curling…. Seriously?

Other than every 4 years, curling is simply an adjective: A curling iron. Seriously…. bocce (also boccie or bocci) is more of a sport.

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Don’t Bring Electronics Into My Class

I’m not so sure that I’d go this far but I really admire this professor.

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Study reveals problems with ADHD drugs

An Australian study has revealed a significant lack of effect of conventional drugs used to treat ADHD. Click Here For Full Article at Big Pond News.

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SWU 130: Make Up Missing Work

SWU 130: You can make up any missing posts/discussions until Sunday 2/21 at midnight. There will be NO other opportunity this semester.

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Maddow Skewers GOP Hypocrisy on Stimulus

From the good Dr. X: Maddow Skewers GOP Hypocrisy on Stimulus. Rachel Maddow documents the thoroughgoing hypocrisy of congressional Republicans (via Brayton). In politics we see an interesting paradox. Partisans usually consider themselves to be highly principled, but it seems that … Continue reading

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14 Fantastic Free WordPress Themes

14 Fantastic Free WordPress Themes Posted using ShareThis

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Push is on to ease Arizona’s gun laws

The Republican leadership in this state is f@#%ing nuts.  Allowing everyone to carry a concealed weapon without a permit?  The mind boggles. via Push is on to ease Arizona’s gun laws.

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Health care for poor New Yorkers, 1890s (Ephemeral New York)

This is a great article from Ephemeral New York.  Check it out here.

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