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New King of Technology – Apple Overtakes Microsoft

This changing of the guard caps one of the most stunning turnarounds in business history for Apple, which had been given up for dead only a decade earlier, and its co-founder and visionary chief executive, Steven P. Jobs. The rapidly rising … Continue reading

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Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings: Here’s How Posted using ShareThis

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WARNING: Facebook Malware Attack Behind Distracting Beach Babes Video

A Facebook malware attack is on the loose this weekend, enticing users to click a “Distracting Beach Babes” video on their Facebook Walls. Read the story here on Mashable.

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Rand Paul Cancels On ‘Meet The Press,’ Only 3rd Guest To Do So In 62 Years

Wow. What a surprise. Read it here in the Huffington Post.

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Facebook Confirms Plans For ‘Simple’ Privacy Settings

It’s about freaking time.  Read the story here on CNET News.

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Deleting Your Facebook Account (FAQ)

Deleting your Facebook account (FAQ) | InSecurity Complex – CNET News.

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The Myth That Google Released Android To Fend Off Draconian Control From Apple

Google is a publicly traded corporation that controls the flow of more and more information every day. It’s very troubling to watch them rewrite history in such a self-serving manner. Matt  Drance Read the Edible Apple story here.

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Rhetorical Question

Real world application of what Rand Paul might do. From Steven Goldman’s Wholesome Reading. Rhetorical Question.

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People We Care About

It’s funny how the things we take for granted when we are younger are the things we cherish as we get older. To spend time with someone close is the thing that speaks to our humanity. Years melt away and … Continue reading

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The Moral Life Of Babies

This is a very interesting article in the NY Times. Can babies tell right from wrong? Read it here.

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