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Moving On…

Another good article by Susan Charney, LCSW from June 2010 issue of Scottsdale Health magazine. I have been going to the same hair salon for 15 years. The time spent there gave me the opportunity to develop friendships—I consider my colorist and … Continue reading

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Finding Connections

Susan Charney, LCSW is a wonderful psychotherapist in Scottsdale AZ. She writes a column for Scottsdale Health magazine. I found the July column Relating to hit close to home. Check it out: For me, New York is home. That feeling … Continue reading

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How Working Horses Handled Hot City Summers (via Ephemeral New York)

Ephemeral New York is one of my favorite blogs because of stories such as this one. By about 1900, the city had set up drinking fountains for its thousands of working horses. They were also treated to free cold curbside … Continue reading

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Continuing Educaton

Good stuff from Dr. X.  In Arizona the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners is the state licensing authority. My LCSW was renewable at $250 and 40 CEUs every two years. In 2010 it is $350 and 30 CEUs every two … Continue reading

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Rachael’s Eyebrow

My niece Rachael is so funny. In answer to the question, “Are you mad or sad?” you get a raised eyebrow. Not both…. one eyebrow! Not so easy to do. I was trying out iMovie for iPhone. Pretty cool.

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Facebook, Twitter No Place For The Lonely | Health Tech – CNET News

I’ve been interested in this for a while. Do social apps contribute to isolation when there are no “real” social relationships to balance an online life? And while the precise role that online social networking plays is not fully understood, … Continue reading

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RIP Manute Bol

RIP Manute Bol. A soft spoken man who spent his life helping the people of Sudan. Brings to mind a great dunk over Bol by Dan Majerle.

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Ball Buster (via Trustbuster? Bust this!)

This commercial cracks me up. On the air in NYC. … Read More via Trustbuster? Bust this!

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Whose work is it? | Jung At Heart

This is a very interesting take on what we discuss in therapy. I found it on Dr. X’s blog and it is written by Cheryl Fuller. Whose work is it? | Jung At Heart.

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How to take a Screenshot: iPhone vs. Android

Apple intuitive simplicity. Gotta love it. Read the full story here on Edible Apple.

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