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Ball Buster (via Trustbuster? Bust this!)

This commercial cracks me up. On the air in NYC. … Read More via Trustbuster? Bust this! Advertisements

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Whose work is it? | Jung At Heart

This is a very interesting take on what we discuss in therapy. I found it on Dr. X’s blog and it is written by Cheryl Fuller. Whose work is it? | Jung At Heart.

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How to take a Screenshot: iPhone vs. Android

Apple intuitive simplicity. Gotta love it. Read the full story here on Edible Apple.

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Five Players Who Outranked The Yankees’ Captain, If Only Briefly

A really good article by one of my favorite Yankees beat writers, Tyler Kepner. It talks about the five players taken before the Captain in the 1992 draft. It amazes me how I still hear to this day, usually from … Continue reading

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Now For Something Completely Different

Most of my posts have to do with social work, education and technology. Sometimes, I post something out of left field and this is one such post. I have varied tastes in music: The Beatles, Pop, Jazz, Classical and Bossa … Continue reading

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SSRIs and Suicide (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

Pretty interesting stuff. Read it here.

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Steve Jobs At D8 On Flash, iPad and The Post-PC Era

A very enlightening Q&A with Steve Jobs. Jobs had much to say about the current slate of hot topics, from the company’s ongoing tussle with Adobe over Flash content on the web, the Foxconn suicides, the iAd mobile ad platform, the iPad’s role … Continue reading

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