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The No-Fail Way To Make Me Roll My Eyes

Someone trying to tell me with a straight face that Sarah Palin is qualified to do anything.

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31 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

Ahoy, social sailors! Hop aboard for another round of Internet catch up, courtesy of the good ship Mashable. The resource buffet is open 24/7 for your perusing pleasure. This week, we have a look at how far social media’s come … Continue reading

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Top 20 Sites To Improve Your Twitter Experience

“140-character status updates to a network of followers.” That makes Twitter sound simple. But in fact, the social information platform has grown to be much more complex than its 140 character-limit suggests. The site not only connects people, but has also … Continue reading

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One Of The Most Beautiful Beatles Recordings

George originally performed the song with a solo acoustic guitar and an organ played by Paul on July 25, 1968. This is one of the first takes. Original story on the Beatles Examiner here.

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How Taiwanese News Sees The iPhone 4 Antenna Story

I’m a big Apple proponent but this is too funny not to post. Brilliant. I have an iPhone 4 and it is great. So I have to use a case… I would anyway.

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Yankees Class… No Peer (via Joe D’s Yankees)

No PA announcement and roses at home plate for the Boss and Bob Sheppard. … Read More via Joe D’s Yankees

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George Steinbrenner Cameo on Seinfeld

“The Invitations,” Season 7, Episode 22, May 16, 1996 Although none of the footage made it to air, the Boss did appear on Seinfeld, as his scenes involved him taking Elaine out to dinner in anticipation of escorting her to … Continue reading

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‘Electricity’, Courtesy of Bob Jones University

I’d like to say that this is unbelievable but we’re talking about a person who believes that evolution is not true. Found in a text book released by Bob Jones University: ‘Electricity’, Courtesy of Bob Jones University.

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The Saddest Senator: Why John McCain Has Become So Painful To Watch – By Jacob Weisberg – Slate Magazine

This article illustrates the danger in pandering to the extreme right. McCain was a proponent of a common sense approach to immigration reform but he knew that in order to secure the 2008 nomination, he had to become a follower … Continue reading

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New York Daily Photo: Woody Was Right

Don’t you see the rest of the country looks upon New York City like we’re left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers? I think of us that way sometimes and I live here. Woody Allen as Alvy Singer from his 1977 film Annie … Continue reading

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