Students Spared Amid An Increase In Deportations

Joshua Lott for The New York Times

A bit of common sense that if attacked by politicians will only serve to show that this isn’t about policy and what is illegal or not. It is about people and whether we have the courage to not penalize children.

The Obama administration, while deporting a record number of immigrants convicted of crimes, is sparing one group of illegal immigrants from expulsion: students who came to the United States without papers when they were children.

Read the story here at the NY Times.

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One Response to Students Spared Amid An Increase In Deportations

  1. Dr X says:

    Right, because one rationale for rejecting amnesty is that it’s the immigrant’s choice to enter illegally. But what about the children who arrive with their families? I do like the idea that staying out of trouble and getting a high school education could be leveraged as a path to amnesty (though I worry about the problem of false criminal charges), but, in principle, I think this is a reasonable arrangement.

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