Is Glenn Beck Appropriate For The YMCA’s Culture?

Before I get into more detail about my concerns, here are two excerpts taken from the Y’s web page: Social Responsibility

Social Services
To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement and tools. We’re here day-in and day-out to provide the resources our communities need to address the most pressing social issues: child welfare, education, employment, housing and substance abuse. We work to make sure every child, family and community has what they need to achieve their best.

We are a powerful ally and advocate for our communities. Our experience and strong relationships in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation mean that we are able to organize grassroots efforts and influence public policy around a range of social issues including child welfare, education and public health.

I grew up in an immigrant community in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.  Many of the seniors in the city housing development where we lived were Holocaust survivors. It was a Jewish neighborhood but there were people of all races and nationalities. This is my frame of reference. The Y in my neighborhood was the Stuart and Henrietta Hirschman YM-YWHA. I spent many days there with my friends and it was a great place because it espoused the very same ideals as today’s Y.

I am currently a member of the Tempe Family Y in Tempe, AZ.  A great facility with great members and staff.  I see many people of different races, cultures and religions on a daily basis. The only thing that is wrong with this picture is the fact that FOX news is on the flat screen TV in the workout room. I really have a problem with Glenn Beck spinning his hate-filled ideology in a setting that is supposed to be non-partisan and accepting.  It’s offensive. The real issue is not the politics. I openly admit, as a social worker and college instructor, to be progressive and liberal. This is not about my personal politics. I don’t think it’s appropriate for any TV in the Y to show any program promoting any ideology. When Glenn Beck is talking about secret internment camps being planned by President Obama to house his detractors, it’s not something that needs to be shown in the Y. I’m proposing that the Y have a policy of keeping all political commentary off TVs in their facilities.  That means CNN and MSNBC in addition to FOX.

The Y stands for promoting… “public policy around a range of social issues including child welfare, education and public health.”  These are issues that Glenn Beck denigrates on a daily basis.

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