Drugs v. Therapy (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

As much as we’d like to think that Drugs and/or Psychotherapy, concurrently or not is the proper course of treatment, Dr. X points out yet again, that when dealing with human beings, there is no definitive answer for all patients.

Lifted from the comments at Cheryl Fuller’s Jung at Heart, Greg writes:

I am struck by the manner in which we as a society tend to denigrate the ambiguous. Psychotherapy is, by its nature, full of ambiguity, uncertainty and creativity. It seems that drugs promise the opposite: certainty, solidity and solace in the vain attempt to control that which cannot be controlled.

Questions, not answers

A question often arises with more thoughtful patients: do drugs and psychotherapy work at cross purposes or are they complementary treatments?  The safe answer has more and more come to be that they are complementary treatments, but I don’t believe there is a definitive answer that applies to all patients.

Read the story here on Dr. X’s Free Associations.

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