Vintage Photo: 1908 (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

Think our country has never been gripped by xenophobia before? History is repeating itself 102 years later.

Why pose the dead man for this creepy photo?  This photo and a profile image of Averbuch were published in newspapers of the day so that Americans would be able to identify anarchists based on their appearance.  A short forehead was one of the indicators.  Perhaps Chief Shippy was aware of anarchist facial features when he shot Averbuch.

Dr. X’s grandmother made it into the US just as collective American panic all but closed the door to immigration for nearly 30 years, so I feel lucky to exist at all.  At the time, Italians were believed to be stupid, prone to violent crime and potentially out to destroy the American way of life.

Read the story here on Dr. X’s Free Associations.

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