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Christine O’Donnell: Mice With Fully Functioning Human Brains

If there wasn’t what I would consider the slimmest chance of her being elected, this would be really funny rather than potentially scary. Read it at Dr. Xs Free Associations.  And follow his blog if you enjoy intelligent discourse. Advertisements

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Poor Sean Hannity Is Going Blind: Can’t See Signs Five Feet Large

If Sean Hannity and these FOX idiots weren’t so irrational in their delusions, they’d be funny.  Right… they’re left-wing plants.  Hollywood makeup artists couldn’t do such an accurate portrayal. When talking about Tea Party racism, Fox News’ Sean Hannity said … Continue reading

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Reformer Jane Addams Critiques The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation, which opened in March 1915, was simultaneously a landmark in the history of American cinema and a landmark in American racism. The film depicted the South, following the assassination of President Lincoln, as ruled by … Continue reading

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Arizona State University | Scholarship Supports Students Interested In Public Service Careers

A new scholarship program offered by the University is opening up doors for students who have a passion for public service. Read the story here in the State Press.

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Student Starter Toolkit

From Campus to Career: Practical Resources for Social Work Students Read it here at NASW.

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Racial Disparity In School Suspensions

My own experiences as a school social worker support this study but I believe it was related to the 85% minority student body. In many of the nation’s middle schools, black boys were nearly three times as likely to be … Continue reading

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The Future Of Social Media In Journalism

Read the story here on Mashable.

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