Fading Memories (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

My friend Dr. X and I share a love of people, good political discourse and an ethnic heritage.  His blog post today could’ve been written about either of my grandmothers. There are parallels to the current debate about immigration with its resultant ignorance in painting all people with a broad brush. Do yourself a favor and follow his blog here.

I’m sure some people judged her harshly for failing to learn English–thought she was stupid, lazy or insufficiently appreciative of her adoptive home.  None of that was true.  Her life was difficult–much more difficult than the lives of many people who think their lives are hard.  I’ve always found it odd that people could criticize immigrants for their poor English, having no idea about how long they’ve been in America, the circumstances of their lives, or how hard but unsuccessfutlly they might be trying to learn the new language and acculturate.

It’s a peculiar challenge–trying to become like people who openly talk about you like you’re dirt.

Read the whole story here at Dr. X’s Free Associations.

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