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Ben’s 8th Christmas

Ben’s first film since his newfound love of John Lennon and the Beatles.  John even had some very nice words for Ben’s film.

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Christmas by Rachael

Rachael usually isn’t interested in recording but she asked for my iPhone so here is her first film.  A budding filmmaker like her brother?  She is such a doll!

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Social Media According to The Wire |

Social Media explained from the perspective of the best TV show. Ever. The Wire (whose main characters are all businessmen of their own sort, don’t forget) shares a lot of wisdom about how businesses can make a killer Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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The Same Person

Are you telling me that this doesn’t explain some things?  Like creating the monstrosity of Palin and his insistence that DADT is wrong?  When Gaston Leroux wrote the novel in 1910, the character of Erik (The Phantom) was 50-60 years … Continue reading

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Jerks, but they don’t know it (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

I think many of us have overheard the conversation related here by my colleague Dr. X: When I hear well-to-do people condemn the poor for having cell phones, the most positive spin I can put on it is that the … Continue reading

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Mapping America: Every City, Every Block

This is a very cool interactive map that shows the racial and ethnic distribution in census data anywhere in the U.S.  Just type in an address, zip code or city. Interactive Map Read the related story here in the NY … Continue reading

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Damn, That’s Cold Jack Donaghy!

One of my favorite characters on a great show (30 Rock) really dissed my alma mater!  

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The Party Of The Rich, By The Rich, For The Rich

  As a social worker and Democratic voter, I am extremely disappointed that this is going to happen because the Democrats are a bunch of spineless poseurs.  Sickening. To put it even more simply: Republican leaders are happy to go … Continue reading

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People in Committed Relationships Experience Less Stress

Oh great… I’m screwed. Researchers from the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago found that when put in stressful situations, people in stable relationships demonstrated lower levels of stress than single folk. Moreover, single males exhibited higher testosterone … Continue reading

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Addictions Treatment: What’s The Answer?

If no one treatment for alcohol or other drug use disorders has been found to be effective for everyone, do the available formal treatments for these disorders have any value? I posed this question to my online Addictions & Substance … Continue reading

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