People in Committed Relationships Experience Less Stress

Oh great… I’m screwed.

Researchers from the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago found that when put in stressful situations, people in stable relationships demonstrated lower levels of stress than single folk. Moreover, single males exhibited higher testosterone levels than their paired-off counterparts.

Read the story here in FYI Living.

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3 Responses to People in Committed Relationships Experience Less Stress

  1. Dawn Morris says:

    Puhlease…this study is super ridiculous! Stress is experienced regardless of relationship status. Just because you are in a committed relationship doesn’t magically make the stress go away or lessen. In fact, sometimes the committed relationship is the biggest stressor! I’d rather go it alone than deal with all the stress that comes with relationships. As for the stress that comes with life in general, you can find support to help you deal from good friends or family. Just my two cents worth….

    • Good response Dawn. I think the author’s intention was to highlight that all things being equal, people in committed relationships experience less stress. Of course there is nothing magical about being in a relationship as you rightly pointed out. A bad relationship is stressful and I would agree that it would be better (less stressful=healthier) to be unattached if that were the case.
      Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Dawn Morris says:

    You’re very welcome! Very much enjoying the articles you have posted.

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