The Same Person

Are you telling me that this doesn’t explain some things?  Like creating the monstrosity of Palin and his insistence that DADT is wrong?  When Gaston Leroux wrote the novel in 1910, the character of Erik (The Phantom) was 50-60 years old, making him at least 150 years old in 2010 so McCain is the right age too.

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3 Responses to The Same Person

  1. Thom Dickerson says:

    McCain gave up being the “Maverick of the Senate” when he lost to Bush and decided to take the pollitically expedient path to get elected President…God knows we are REAL lucky THAT did not happen!!!
    Now, he has become the “Hemorrhoid of the Senate…” A REAL pain in the ass!!!!!

    Thom (TD)

  2. Dr X says:

    The resemblance is uncanny. Here is the image that always occurs to me when I see his former running mate.

  3. I love it. My favorite Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration. You bethcha!

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