New Beginnings

Image courtesy of Bits of Wisdom

A new year and a time for new beginnings. There are people who come into our lives and touch us very deeply. As is the norm in our relationships there is an ebb and flow that can sometimes span decades. I am still very close to people who I grew up with in Brooklyn. We’re talking almost five decades! Others came in much later but still affected us in ways that changed us for the better as well. That does not mean that these relationships are meant to continue in a sporadic manner that begins to affect us in a less positive way. Sometimes we must honestly say that although I will miss you, it is time to separate. If two souls cannot connect even in the most casual manner without it being stressful, then it is time for a final goodbye. The piece of heart will always be there and the memories will aways be there as well but it’s time for a new beginning.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone.

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