When You Lose A Beloved Dog

All I can say is that I know how it feels when a personal dog dies and that it never gets easier, the older I get. However let it be a comfort to you that the pain will turn into great memories of lessons given to you by your dog; lessons about love, loyalty, happiness, forgiveness, courage, humbleness and zest for life and most importantly about yourself. I believe that dogs are God’s gift which he gave us so that we have a chance to learn from them these lessons. They are also here to give us comfort and encouragement when we are down. Thus our dogs are not just our guardians, but most importantly they are our teachers. And when their dog’s job is done, then they have to go to doggie heaven back to God. The pain we feel when the dog goes young or old is so great, I know. However it is only a bargain tuition which we pay for these great lessons, protection and happiness the dog so generously and selflessly gave us.

Cherish these lessons and remember that your dog is not buried in the woods under a tree or in the desert or in the urn, but please know that your dog is buried in your heart where he will live in your memories as long as you do. Any time you want your dog, he will jump smiling from the tall grass and remind you of the happy times which you have had together and will have forever. Be grateful for it. – Hans Blabla

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