Why do I love her, part 2

Three months ago I wrote about why I love my girlfriend. I was thinking about it and I realized that she was the first woman to whom I ever said the words, “I am always going to put you first in my life.” I’ve thought the words before with other women but I never said them out loud. Words are important and by saying them out loud, they become real and a part of our life.

This past weekend she and I and her son went to San Diego. We had a blast exploring the city, geo-caching and just having fun. Sunday night we went to an immersive experience where we were supposed to find clues to escape from a zombie infected laboratory. It was a blast. Before going we went to CVS to buy a pair of reading glasses (If I had to read clues without the readers, we’d be eaten by a zombie). We found a pair and they were $35! Laura saw the 2.00 magnification and thought that was the price and we started to laugh. I cried out, “There needs to be an investigation. You can buy six pairs at Costco for $15!” She said, “Call 90 Minutes!” I asked her if she meant 60 minutes and we looked at each other and stated laughing. I’m walking through the store crying out that there needs to be an investigation for price gouging and that we need to call 90 minutes. We couldn’t stop laughing.

This is why I love her.

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