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Not All Earth Mammals Are Partisan

When I see videos like this one or watch how my dog loves me unconditionally, I question whether man is the higher life form. Advertisements

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John Boehner is angry!

John Boehner is angry because a tax on tanning salons is the only tax in the health care bill that will kick in this year.

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Curling…. Seriously?

Other than every 4 years, curling is simply an adjective: A curling iron. Seriously…. bocce (also boccie or bocci) is more of a sport.

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He May As Well Have Said He Never Inhaled

Palm CEO: “I’ve Never Used an iPhone” He actually made the point that he doesn’t have an iPhone and that he has never used one.  Oh, really?  You never picked one up in an Apple Store to see what a … Continue reading

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My Favorite Quote

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe and it has a longer shelf life.  Frank Zappa

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Somewhere Over Mesa

A recent rainbow after a not so recent rain.

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