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Need Another Reason Not To Practice A Lifetime of Abuse?

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Use Of Psychotherapeutic Medications In Pregnancy

There is no doubt that the minimization of any and all chemicals is probably the safest for the child in-utero (both OTC drugs and prescribed drugs). I think the caution here is that we are talking about psychotherapeutic drugs that … Continue reading

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New studies on Alzheimer’s disease

New Studies on Alzheimer’s Uncover Genetic Links — The New York Times (@nytimes) April 3, 2011

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Physiological Impacts Of Homophobia

These findings are not surprising. Young adults who are lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) are at far higher risk for severe mental health problems than their heterosexual peers. New research from Concordia University suggests that the stress of being rejected or victimized … Continue reading

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Inactivity Is Harmful, Even With Trips to the Gym

Uh oh. Not good news. Increasingly, research is focusing not on how much exercise people get, but how much of their time is spent in sedentary activity, and the harm that does. Read the story here in the NY Times.

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Flu May Be Prevented With Vitamin D

One theory behind the seasonality of the flu is that lower levels of vitamin D during the winter leads to lower immunity. Read the story here in FYI Living.

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Meningitis Booster Is Recommended

Federal vaccine advisers recommended on Wednesday that 15-year-olds be given a booster dose of a vaccine against meningococcal meningitis and that people from age 11 to 64 get a booster to protect against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. Read the story here on the … Continue reading

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