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Termination Of Treatment: A Study Of The Problems Encountered And Their Management

In August 1978 I completed my Research Project for my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Thirty eight years later and it has reached the Internet. I’m actually quite proud of it because it concerned an area of clinical practice that at … Continue reading

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Where Are The New Advances in Psychotropics?

All of our current antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs share the same molecular targets in the brain as their prototypes from the 1950s. Read the article here in the NY Times.

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Do Formal Treatments For Addictions Have Any Value?

If no one treatment for alcohol or other drug use disorders has been found to be effective for everyone, do the available formal treatments for these disorders have any value? I posed this question to my online chemical dependency class … Continue reading

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Loughner and How the Mental-Health System Doesn’t Work – Newsweek

…across America there are thousands of parents of older adolescents and young adults who are terrified that their child’s strange behavior, paranoid rants, drinking, drug abuse, conspiracy fantasies, and other red flags of mental illness will lead to violence… Read … Continue reading

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Laughing at Mental Illness (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

My colleague and friend Dr. X had an interesting take on a video that is circulating. I don’t need to see it. He is spot on… again. Do yourself a favor and check out his blog. Recently a top ten … Continue reading

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When Therapists Make Mistakes

My colleague Dr. X has shared an article by Cheryl Fuller that is a must read for my students. When Therapists Make Mistakes (Dr. X’s Free Associations).

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Survey Says Facebook Feeds Narcissism [STUDY]

In a survey of 100 college students, young people with narcissistic personality traits were shown to exhibit Facebook activity that was distinctly more self-promotional. These people had “About Me” sections that referred to their intelligence and photos that were more … Continue reading

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