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Now I Understand

Okay, now I get what Ernie Anastos was talking about.

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The Same Person

Are you telling me that this doesn’t explain some things?  Like creating the monstrosity of Palin and his insistence that DADT is wrong?  When Gaston Leroux wrote the novel in 1910, the character of Erik (The Phantom) was 50-60 years … Continue reading

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Jerks, but they don’t know it (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

I think many of us have overheard the conversation related here by my colleague Dr. X: When I hear well-to-do people condemn the poor for having cell phones, the most positive spin I can put on it is that the … Continue reading

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Damn, That’s Cold Jack Donaghy!

One of my favorite characters on a great show (30 Rock) really dissed my alma mater!  

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Contact With Dads Drops When Women Ovulate

Hey… I just report it. Through an innovative use of cell phone records, researchers at UCLA, the University of Miami and Cal State, Fullerton, have found that women appear to avoid contact with their fathers during ovulation. Read the story … Continue reading

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Downhill With The G.O.P.

More common sense from Paul Krugman. On Thursday, House Republicans released their “Pledge to America,” supposedly outlining their policy agenda. In essence, what they say is, “Deficits are a terrible thing. Let’s make them much bigger.” Read the Op-Ed here by … Continue reading

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Sharron Angle On Insurance Coverage for Autism (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

My friend Dr. X points out the hypocrisy of a common argument of some Tea Party sponsored candidates.  As usual, he nailed it. Read the story here on Dr. X’s Free Associations.

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