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The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan

From Dr. X: Last night, Frontline ran a story about Afghanistan’s ancient child sex trade, bacha bazi.   Poor families sell young boys to powerful, wealthy men who train these children to serve as sexual entertainment. The video is very difficult … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With The Tea Party? (Dr. X’s Free Associations)

Courtesy of Dr. X: Andrew Sullivan saves me the trouble and spells it all out.  I agree entirely with his assessment. Most disheartening is the intellectually crippling partisanship that makes serious discussion impossible.  What can you discuss with a person who … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Bobby Lee by Ta-Nehisi Coates

From Dr. X: Who do you claim as your ancestors?  Your direct genetic forbears?  The people of your race, ethnicity and nationality who came before you?  Can we make more meaningful ancestry claims–claims that recognize the fullness of our humanity? … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Longevity

Down Syndrome Longevity – Health News Story – WSOC Charlotte.

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