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Now I Understand

Okay, now I get what Ernie Anastos was talking about.

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Coney Island 2000 The Director’s Cut (Teaser Trailer)

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Ben’s 8th Christmas

Ben’s first film since his newfound love of John Lennon and the Beatles.  John even had some very nice words for Ben’s film.

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Christmas by Rachael

Rachael usually isn’t interested in recording but she asked for my iPhone so here is her first film.  A budding filmmaker like her brother?  She is such a doll!

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George Steinbrenner Cameo on Seinfeld

“The Invitations,” Season 7, Episode 22, May 16, 1996 Although none of the footage made it to air, the Boss did appear on Seinfeld, as his scenes involved him taking Elaine out to dinner in anticipation of escorting her to … Continue reading

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Rachael’s Eyebrow

My niece Rachael is so funny. In answer to the question, “Are you mad or sad?” you get a raised eyebrow. Not both…. one eyebrow! Not so easy to do. I was trying out iMovie for iPhone. Pretty cool.

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Must Be Seen To Believe

So many videos I receive are cute but unremarkable. Not this one. There is a corny song about potato salad for the first 60 seconds and then watch. Unbelievable.

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Not All Earth Mammals Are Partisan

When I see videos like this one or watch how my dog loves me unconditionally, I question whether man is the higher life form.

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Don’t Bring Electronics Into My Class

I’m not so sure that I’d go this far but I really admire this professor.

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