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Separated At Birth

Joe the Plumber and the Colossus of New York. One is an ugly monster and the other is a very underrated 1958 movie.

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Dangers of Social Media

Non clinician view: I really don’t give a $hit about Manti Te’o. When (not really a) Dr. Phil is all over it, it’s time to ignore. Clinician view: This is a direct result of fragile egos testing hopefully real life … Continue reading

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Frances DePinto Speaks Barese

My mother grew up in a large family. Her parents were from Bari, Italy and they spoke an Italian dialect. We’ve always found it amusing. We love you mom and miss you.

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Let me tell you a bit about my friend Mark Walters. He’s the owner of Living Canvas Tattoos in Tempe, Arizona. Many years ago, I was looking to get my first tattoo and I went to a few shops to … Continue reading

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Coney Island 2000

Coney Island 2000 from Joseph A DePinto on Vimeo. …and coming soon. Coney Island 2000 The Director’s Cut

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My Medicine Bundle

Trailer Trailer 2 Coney Island Totonno’s 3028 W 29th St            

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New Beginnings

A new year and a time for new beginnings. There are people who come into our lives and touch us very deeply. As is the norm in our relationships there is an ebb and flow that can sometimes span decades. … Continue reading

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My Politics Summed Up In A Tee Shirt

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Need Another Reason Not To Practice A Lifetime of Abuse?

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Panic of the Plutocrats –

Another excellent Op-Ed piece from Paul Krugman, this one talking about the Occupy Wall Street protests and why they are scaring the hell out of the right wing media, pundits and politicians. The way to understand all of this is … Continue reading

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