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Flu May Be Prevented With Vitamin D

One theory behind the seasonality of the flu is that lower levels of vitamin D during the winter leads to lower immunity. Read the story here in FYI Living.

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Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks’ Dangers Are Cited

Another clever marketing ploy. This is a similar situation to when wine coolers were first introduced. In that case it was to mine a new market for alcohol but this is especially dangerous because the liver will always process the … Continue reading

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Meningitis Booster Is Recommended

Federal vaccine advisers recommended on Wednesday that 15-year-olds be given a booster dose of a vaccine against meningococcal meningitis and that people from age 11 to 64 get a booster to protect against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. Read the story here on the … Continue reading

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All You Need To Know About A (possible) Verizon iPhone

Rather, the real test of the Verizon iPhone experience will be if the carrier has the capacity to handle a huge increase of data-hungry users (some estimates say that Big Red could add up to 13 million new customers in … Continue reading

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Two Sisters Reminiscing: Frances DePinto and Terry DiPasquale

My aunt Terry was visiting from New York and I suggested that she and my mom share some stories from growing up in Gravesend Brooklyn.

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Facebook, Twitter and The Two Branches of Social Media [OP-ED]

Facebook, with its mutual friend connections and college-exclusive beginnings, is better suited for keeping in touch with friends. For most people, it is indeed a network of your social graph, all in one place. Twitter, on the other hand, is … Continue reading

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How Not To Get Mugged In NYC

Even though presented in a humorous manner, these are really practical suggestions for NYC or anywhere else for that mater. Read the story here via Reclaimed Home: Green Low Impact Housing Renovation of New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey.

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