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Termination Of Treatment: A Study Of The Problems Encountered And Their Management

In August 1978 I completed my Research Project for my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Thirty eight years later and it has reached the Internet. I’m actually quite proud of it because it concerned an area of clinical practice that at … Continue reading

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…on being a school social worker

This post is written for my Mesa Community College and Arizona State University social work students so that they can truly understand and appreciate the journey they have started. It is dedicated to the students of Bostrom Alternative Center (19 yrs) … Continue reading

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10 Ways That the Birthers Are an Object Lesson in White Privilege

In an era of racism without racists, the Tea Party GOP Birther brigands provide one more lesson in the permanence of the social evil known as White privilege. Read the story on AlterNet.

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Loughner and How the Mental-Health System Doesn’t Work – Newsweek

…across America there are thousands of parents of older adolescents and young adults who are terrified that their child’s strange behavior, paranoid rants, drinking, drug abuse, conspiracy fantasies, and other red flags of mental illness will lead to violence… Read … Continue reading

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ADHD and Medication

The following is a discussion post for my online chemical dependency class this week. It will be interesting to see if there are any students who start to moralize the issue. There are always one or two. Let me share … Continue reading

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Adolescent Girls Especially Susceptible To Cutting

Read the story here at

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Reformer Jane Addams Critiques The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation, which opened in March 1915, was simultaneously a landmark in the history of American cinema and a landmark in American racism. The film depicted the South, following the assassination of President Lincoln, as ruled by … Continue reading

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Arizona State University | Scholarship Supports Students Interested In Public Service Careers

A new scholarship program offered by the University is opening up doors for students who have a passion for public service. Read the story here in the State Press.

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Student Starter Toolkit

From Campus to Career: Practical Resources for Social Work Students Read it here at NASW.

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